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Allison Salerno


Allison Salerno

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Allison’s award-winning writing and audio production is accurate, sensitive and compelling. She respects detail and deadlines and easily collaborates with other professionals. Her work has been featured on Southern Foodways Alliance’s Gravy podcast, on local NPR stations, and in ESPN, Ms. magazine, and Columbia Journalism Review, among others. She's provided audio support for CBC Radio. In the past two years Allison's audio news features have  earned her two Georgia AP awards and a Gabby from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters. A former daily newspaper editor and writer, she has nearly two decades of experience covering a wide range of topics. Allison now focuses her work on finding the human stories behind food systems, environmental issues and religious faith. An inveterate traveler, she currently lives in Athens, Georgia.

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Connect with Allison Salerno

As a colleague, an observer and occasional editor of Allison’s work for many years, I can vouch for her professionalism and passion for the craft of journalism in all of its formats. She’s a natural storyteller with a won’t-stop work ethic and scrupulous respect for the facts. She researches a topic relentlessly, finds the most compelling angles, and then structures her narratives in ways that give her audiences the joy of discovery. I love her narrative voice,  in text and especially on radio: She writes and talks as if she’s letting us all in on some great secrets we’ll want to share.

- Michael Warren, Editor, South Desk, The Associated Press.


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