As an audio producer, Allison is available to work with reporters and program directors and can serve a reporter-producer as well. Using editing/production software, she delivers on tight deadlines both  news stories and radio documentaries. Additionally, she is available as a content producer and can organize music choices, guests, and overall show content.

Featured Audio Work

Promoting Trauma-Informed Policing

At the University of Georgia, a new training program will teach patrol officers how to better serve and protect sexual-assault survivors

The Stew that Stirred Things Up

In the second episode of Season 10 of America's Test Kitchen podcast Proof, I tell the story of how chicken mull, a communal dish, nearly tore apart a tiny town...

Tackling Domestic Violence in the Asian-American Community

Dr. Joon Choi has found an innovative way to address the particular challenges faced by the Asian immigrant community coping with domestic violence.

A Veteran Finds Healing Through Farming

The post 9-11 generation of warriors is twice as likely as their older counterparts to serve in a combat zone. This is the story of   how one combat veteran is...

The “How” of Telemental Health

Mental-health providers are adapting by adopting technology to serve their clients remotely.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A three-part series I created and produced for WUGA-FM, the NPR affiliate in Athens, Ga., that connects listeners with garden questions with the local extension agent.

Tribute to a Climate Scientist

My piece for the Climate One podcast on the late Dr. Stephen Schneider, a pioneering climate scientist and a skilled communicator begins at 16:55.

UGA School of Social Work to Launch Certificate in Substance Use Counseling

Over the past 10 years, use of opioids in Georgia has become an  epidemic. Death rates by opioid drug overdose - whether by synthetic painkillers like fentanyl - or by...

UGA Researcher Receives Multimillion Dollar Grant for Human Trafficking Research

A severe lack of data hampers attempts to curtail human trafficking worldwide.

Teaching Trauma-Informed Care

Helping clients in trauma is not easy for either the lawyers who represent them or the social workers who work with them. An innovative class at the University of Georgia...

The Price of Cheap Milk

When we pour a glass of milk, most of us don’t consider the economics that brought that milk from a cow to our kitchen. Reporter-producer Allison Salerno visited two women,...

Local Non-Profit Works to Teach Peaceful Resolutions

WUGA Features Reporter Allison Salerno found out about a program right here in Athens to help folks work through conflicts without resorting to violence. This particular class was held for...