As a writer and editor, Allison is available to gather information from primary source documents and from interviews, then write, edit, proofread and file news stories and news features on deadline. Her work has appeared in multiple media.  She has an elementary knowledge of Spanish and French and a working knowledge of Italian. She can also take photographs, and incorporate audio and video clips in her stories.

Featured Print Pieces

A Night at the Door with Three Athens, Ga. Bouncers

All three gatekeepers told us stories of a changing Athens, and of the music that pulsates as the town’s most sacred gift.

The Country’s Longest-running Prison Publication Faces Censorship

With a staff and readership that is almost entirely incarcerated, PLN seeks to fill a gap left by more mainstream criminal justice journalism.

Bright Futures for Back-Roads Restaurants?

Georgia's rural restaurants offer old-school hospitality and try not to think too hard about the future.

A Neglected Part of Atlanta Gains a Nature Conservancy, Thanks to One Man’s Quest

My profile of David Lloyd Davis, founder of Cascade Springs Nature Conservancy, appears as part of Atlanta Magazine's focus on entrepreneurs.

Is Raw Milk More Nutritious Than Pasteurized Milk?

Consumption of raw milk is rising, as part of the pandemic-fueled trend toward locally produced food. Some recent research suggests unpasteurized milk has health benefits.

Lessons for Georgia about Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

A relatively slow rollout here has contributed to another COVID-era phenomenon: line jumpers, a catch-all term for people in Georgia who bent the rules to get vaccinated.

Farmworkers Going Hungry During Covid-19 Pandemic

Historic discrimination has left farmworkers excluded from many state and federal worker protections through the practice of agricultural exceptionalism.

Teens Ensure a City’s Monuments Are on the Right Side of History

High school students help a Georgia city with a progressive reputation confront its own racial history

How Can Georgia Make it Easier to Vote?

Ideas from other parts of the country range from extending early voting to drive-through polling sites.

Waste Land: Solving Our Plastic Problem

The world is filled with discarded plastic. Recycling alone isn't the answer. Georgia State University researchers are using tiny microbes to make a big dent in our plastic problem.

Global Reach: Alumni launch international careers

From Kigali, Rwanda, to Padova, Italy, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences launches its alumni into global careers.

Savannah, a Haven for Jews Since the Colonial Era

Even during a pandemic, when Rabbi Robert Haas delivers his sermons online rather than in person, he often still pairs his kippah with a dress suit—made in seersucker.